The San Remo brand is inextricably linked to a name, that of the Comunello brothers, the five brothers who in 1950 gave birth to the Company Industry Comunello s.n.c.

A story of street traders and laborers of a tiny workshop, the Comunellos soon became small textile entrepreneurs and now the label of their products (hats, shirts and pants) saw the SanRemo brand imprented. The choice of this name came from the fact that in the early fifties in the Ligurian city of San Remo an important fashion show was held yearly and to the brothers it seemed appropriate to associate this event to their brand.


The “new” Confezioni Sanremo S.p.A. experienced enormous expansion in the sixties, that led her to become a leading company in Italy in the manufacture of outerwear.


Genesco acquires all the shares and became sole owner of San Remo S.p.A.


SanRemo is acquired by the Inghirami Textile Company group. A period of revitalization and re-launch of the brand follows in different national and international markets.



Presentation of the new Sanremo brand website marks a new process aimed at developing a digital strategy at 360 degrees in order to meet the growing demands of the international market.


Product experience, know-how, and knowledge of textiles, always the soul of the Company, are the vision of Sanremo.

Know-how to permit design a contemporary total-look with an Italian design for effortless, natural elegance.